CyclingAero2In the frame of marginal gains search aero optimization is key for performance riders.

The impact for a Time Trialist is direct. A bad position will directly impact the average performance.

To improve your Aerodynamics, you need the find the right balance between aero and comfort.

A great position without comfort will not allow you to perform at your right level. In the mean time the rider should work his flexibility and improve is core stab (mandatory).


‘When we began to work with Pro riders, they were always complaining about material. Once made the aero assessment , we gained 25% of efficiency just changing their position. That was a huge benefit.’ says Lionel.

‘gaining 25% of efficiency is an improvement of 25% for the rider. This rider won his Professional national championship with a massive gap compared to what he has done previously.’

Aero_Pierre Race Clean™ Team has worked with a lot of Time Trial Specialist (Elite, Amateur and paracyclists).

We propose to assess your position and give you advise to optimise your aerodynamics.

This method has been used for London 2012 preparation, French National Championship (Pro won in 2005, 3rd in 2011, U23 won in 2010).




This optimisation is included in the most of our coaching packages.

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