The use of Powermeter has drastically changed the cycling way of training as we were able for the first time to measure the effort on the road.

The first SRM was developed at the end of the 80’s but its use began to be developed at Elite level at the end of the 90’s

Greg Lemond

‘When I was racing the Heart Rate monitor was not a sufficient training tool for me’ says Lionel.
‘Indeed my max HR was 216 bpm and my Lactate Threshold was 198 bpm. I began to use Powermeter in 1999 and worked with company such as SRM and Cycleops. The funny is I was in charge to launch the Powertap in France in 2003. A huge fight but now Powertap is a must for riders.’

With Powermeters, you will be able to understand better cycling biomechanics, aerodynamic and the most important understand how your body works !

Even if the figures are important, we work a lot with rider perception scale.

PField Test SRM
After having performed Race Clean™   Field test, our Team will assess your fitness level and define your Zones.

You will receive Training Zones defined in watts related to perception in order to make you more autonomous while racing.


With this scale you will be able soon to assess your progression comparing watts evolution and your perception.