Our coaching philosophy is quite simple: offer the best support to our riders to help them achieving their goals making cycling fun and enjoyable.

We used to work with a large panel of training tools such as HR Monitors, powermeters, our coaching team is composed of an Head Coach with a huge experience at Elite Level and a Coach (Biology PhD) in charge of monitoring health and nutrition.

The aim of our coaching philosophy is to put the rider in the centre of all the competences available to enhance his skills: techniques analysis, physiology, biomechanics analysis, aero optimisation, tactics, perception, psychology, nutrition …

All this performance enhancement process has a double goal: the first and the main goal is to help riders progress, the second is to help the coaches to safeguard the rider health.

The results of biomechanics and physiology analysis will compose the skeleton of what I call Biomechanics passport that will help us to measure progression and prevent doping.

We are fully convinced the best coaching and performance follow up are the keys of doping prevention.

Of course all this process is based on equity and honesty. These two values are very important fo us as we are involved in Cycling Integrity as Bike Pure Members.

That’s a busy program but that’s a fantastic adventure and that’s our coaching philosophy.


Lionel Reynaud
Race Clean Head Coach
British Cycling Senior Coach